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Robert Blain,



Cell: 585-721-9174


Rochester REALTOR® Bob Blain has been ‘hooked on real estate” since the age of 20, when he purchased his first home. A consummate good listener, Bob has a real ear for helping the client articulate goals, needs and desires. This same talent gives him an upper hand as a great problem solver.

Bob’s approach to real estate is a little more personal than most. His personal touch leads to successful transactions for his clients. His goal is not only to serve his real estate clients and keep them as future clients, but to gain new  friends in the process.

Because he takes the time to get acquainted and learn something of their hopes and dreams, he can ask the right questions. Answering those questions prompts his buyer-clients to focus on what they really want in a home, so they’ll be completely satisfied with their choice.

Before beginning his real estate career in the 1970’s, Bob also worked at Eastman Kodak Company in production and supervision. Having that experience allowed him to polish his skills in listening and problem solving, both of which give his clients a decided advantage.

Many agents listen to their own clients, but Bob believes it is equally important to listen to the other parties involved in a real estate transaction. Hearing what the other side is saying and reacting appropriately gives his clients yet another advantage during the negotiating phase. Listening well also allows him to find solutions to problems others might find impossible to overcome. “Problem Solver” is one of the labels Bob has worn throughout his working career, carrying over into his career as a REALTOR®.

Bob brings to the table a keen eye for property condition and has a second nature ability to assist the client in visualizing dreams while helping to address the affordability of changes the client may want to make to a property.

When you are looking for a Real Estate agent who is experienced in all aspects of the business, dedicated to his clients and all their needs, who takes the time to answer questions and concerns. Give Bob a call.



Angela Serratore, REALTOR®,

Associate Broker

Cell: 585-704-8764


At the heart of Angela’s real estate practice you will find “The 3 D’s”. They  stand for Dedicated, Determined, and Dependable. She is Dedicated to her  clients, Determined to meet their needs, and Dependable whenever they need her.

She remembers the joy and thrill of purchasing the home of her dreams, and today she thrives on seeing that joy in the eyes of her buyer-clients. That’s why some of her favorite activities are guiding Rochester home buyers through the steps to a successful purchase, and handing them the keys to their new home.

Patience, it’s a rare quality in today’s hurry-up world and a cornerstone of Angela’s real estate practice. Time and attention are gifts she gives freely, gladly listening while clients share their dreams and goals then answering their questions while helping explore their options without pressure. Angela’s former position as a Hair Stylist gave her years of experience assisting people in making decisions about how they look and perceive themselves. And although buying or selling a home is a different venture, it still can come with making incredibly important decisions. To ensure a successful experience, Angela utilizes her talent for guiding people through an unfamiliar and emotional processes, as well as her skill and experience in understanding and explaining contracts, negotiating, working with bankers as well as attorneys, and remaining calm under pressure.

Angela’s decision to enter the field of real estate evolved from her life-long love of houses, decorating and remodeling, plus her desire to be a part of a business that helps people achieve their goals. It was time for a switch from solving unexpected and unwanted problems to helping make dreams come true.

Real estate is a relationship-based business, and Angela strives to create client relationships built on trust and confidence.

Her ultimate goal: A business built entirely upon referrals from clients who are completely satisfied with the professional and caring service they received.

When you want an agent who gives freely of her time, attention and expertise, call Angela.








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